We think during the slow winter months, it is a great time to do some projects! We have been busy this year for sure! We decided that our upstairs gift department need a change! We started by moving all the merchandise downstairs (don’t worry our clothing boutique is still open!). Years ago we put  carpet down over our hard wood floors! ( Back in the late 80’s carpet was trendy….) anyways, Jered and Chesley  have been working hard at pulling up the carpet! Part of our stores charm is that it is made up mostly of wood that came from an old barn!  Needless to say the floors need a little work but man are they pretty!

We have decided that we are going expand our toy/children’s area to include more toys that are inspired by nature and the Adirondacks. From books, puzzles to stuffed animals all will be based on education and learning and bringing the outdoors in. (I don’t want to give too much away but there is going to be something really cool that kids can play in!) Visiting our new toy department is going to be an experience for the all the little tots and their parents.

The other half of the department is going to to feature locally handcrafted goods as well as a men’s department. We are very excited about this. Women are always inquiring if we have men’s clothing (most men don’t like to shop…I know..crazy!)



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